Liquid bottle marker for tire traction compound and TAMIYA TA 07 Pro hop-up parts arrived.

Best liquid bottle marker for tire traction compound !




Liquid Bottle Marker  (1 piece)

640円 JPY


Traction compounds are not included.

This product is only bottle.




Bottle marker of traction compound required for EPT.

This bottle is not a conventional foam applicator type bottle.

Square type of sponge head is possible to apply to very easily tire.

It is possible to adjust the amount of traction compound by pressing the sponge head.

This bottle marker can also be easily applied to the F1 tires and foam tires. 






Setting parts for time-up by TA07PRO!




Pure Carbon Bumper Support for TA07 PRO

1,600円 JPY




High rigidity and lightweight pure carbon bumper support minimizes flapping of the form bumper.

Also minimize flapping of body mount posts.






 Tamiya TA07 PRO Alum Bend Protection Support come up!! 




Alum Bend Protection Support for TA07 PRO (Blue)

1,600円 JPY








Alum Bend Protection Support for TA07 PRO (Black)

1,600円 JPY



This part narrows the gap with the front bulkhead.

Minimize the deflection of the body while driving at high speed.

It is possible to fix the bumper more by using bend protection support (STR401) and pure carbon bumper support together.

Always possible stable running.




Additional processing of the chamfer has been decorated after the surface treatment.

Your chassis changes stylishly.