Brass weight 2piece(2.5g) 15mm x 7.5mm x H2.7mm [R000006]

Brass weight 2piece(2.5g) 15mm x 7.5mm x H2.7mm [R000006]

Price: JPY1,150

As for the weight made of commercial lead, the lineups by 5 g of units were often found,
but 2.5 g, 5 g, 7.5 g, 10 g were enabled by doing the subject matter to a product made in brass.

Each weight made width even with 15mm and change the weight at vertical width and thickness also,
can display it stylishly.

With the thing which is the highest in the high weight 5.5mm (5 g) and satisfied without interfering it under the steering of the EP touring car.

Because by 2.5 g could make a fine adjustment, in the race scene where severe weight limit was carried out, ideal weight and right and left distribution were enabled.
The ideal corner ring which I got of the balance is enabled by using it together with chassis balancer.